As a green lover, you probably know what to look out for when buying plants. But if you’ve only just discovered flora, that Fingerspitzengef├╝hl isn’t quite there yet. Here’s what to look out for when buying houseplants.

The condition
Does the plant look not so lively at first sight? Trust your own instincts, because often it is not in the best condition. Leaves in particular tell a lot about the health of plants, so be sure to inspect them thoroughly. Do they hang limply? Do they suffer from discolouration? Is the plant full? Or has it suffered from leaf fall? First impressions are the most important.

Bunch of animals
Now it is important to look at the plant more thoroughly. Literally more thoroughly, because you have to study the potting compost closely. You might even see critters crawling around. And you would rather not have them there. Tap the pot a few times – not too wildly – to see if anything comes free. Also check carefully on and between the leaves to see if there are any insects or even fungi there. Do you spot insects? Leave the houseplant where it is.