Dahlias come in thousands of colours and shapes: from stars, sprigs and full balls to stripes and gradients. Some Dahlias even look like festive honeycombs. Not surprisingly, these colourful flowers are often used in parades. In an Indian Summer bouquet, go for Dahlias in burgundy, yellow or orange shades.

The Callicarpa is a true late bloomer and emerges in the autumn. When the leaves fall off the plant, beautiful clusters of purple flowers appear. In a bouquet of gold-coloured flowers, these bright purple callicarpas make the colours stand out even more.

Sprouted, spiky, in a wreath or a bunch: a chrysanthemum has thousands of faces. Originally, the flower was a golden yellow colour with a deep coloured heart in the middle. Nowadays, chrysanthemums bloom into flowers in red, orange and yellow tones and look beautiful in an Indian Summer bouquet.